Breaking Ground Is the First Step

Excavation is essential to most construction projects

When you imagine a construction site, you might think of a plot of land that's already even, smooth and free of unwanted vegetation. Unfortunately, getting to that point takes some work. NorthStar Building Group LLC can handle the job.

Our excavation services include land clearing and digging. We can remove trees, stumps and rocks to create a smooth space. Once that's finished, we can provide laser-level bulldozing services. No matter what your worksite needs, we're the team to call. We take every precaution and focus on your preferences.

Plan your excavation project with us now. You can reach us by calling 406-303-0562.

Make changes to an existing property

Excavation is about more than preparing empty land for construction projects. You can hire us to dig on any finished property, too. Maybe your drainage system is having issues or you need to remove the tree stumps in your backyard. Either way, we'll provide detailed services.

Consult an excavation pro from NorthStar Building Group LLC today. You'll get sound advice and top-quality care.